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Psychedelic Involvement - Joshua Morrison

An ambitious teenager rebels against his controlling father with the help of psychedelic drugs, but is drawn into a world of drug abuse, crime and illegal activity.

Ghostware  |  Maria Johnsen

A troubled young woman moves to a new town and falls in love with a young man who is not what he seems. Jack plays a young scientist Paul

Psychedelic Involvement
Reunion | Directed by Eli Hart

This short film was written by Jack Gates and stars Calum Wragg-Smith and Michael Perlmutter. It was directed by the talented Eli Hart and explores how we revert back to our old selves when we meet the people from our past.

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Sarah's Secret
Sarah's Secret | UNRD

Jack starred as Leo Fitzgerald in a virtual reality app 'Sarah's Secret'. The app has over 10,000 followers and allows users to receive videos in real time. For more info go to

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Revenge Express

Revenge Express  |  Directed by Alfie Barny Russ


Jack filmed a short film with Alfie Russ tackling issues of deceit and revenge.

Art Gallery
Art Gallery | Directed by Eli Hart
A simple meet-cute between a couple who don't fit in with the crowd. This scene shows how Luke and Alice find love through art.
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